Now available – Immertreu doll tutorial english: Click here to get it – the shop description is in german, i´m sorry. If there are any questions, please email me.
This is my tutorial which describes and shows exactly how to make such a cute, waldorf inspired doll in a sleeping bag! You will get download link after the payment is done.
This tutorial is perfect for beginners – a mommy or grandma who wants to make a personal and individual gift for the beloved child! Made of new wool, eco friendly, child friendly and full of LOVE!
The photos will guide you step by step through the process – you will be surprised what a beautiful doll you are able to make.
I included some of my personal tips.
I´ll show you how to make a doll filled with wool or wadding, different kind of hands, how you avoid to have ugly crinkles at the chin of your doll and so much more!
Please note-this tutorial is for private use only.
Put all your love in your doll and it will be the best friend for someone you love ♥